Please let us know if you would like to get a personal reference from any of our recent customers.

Feedback from Collaboration Training, (Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane)  for an International Airline company, 2017)

“All staff must be able to attend such workshops- there were lots of interactive activities to keep things interesting and the program was very well coordinated and presented ….You guys are wonderful!”

“Would recommend to all for organisation workshops.”

“I feel more equipped to contribute to my team and collaborate ideas”

“Great opportunity to share ideas, apply different perspectives to common problems and discuss pathways to solutions”

Feedback from Team building workshops

“Hi Lee,  I’ve had wonderful feedback about the training day yesterday. THANKYOU! You were wonderfully helpful and professional from our first contact”

Karen Grant- HR, Bairnsdale Regional Health Services (BRHS), March 2018.

“The team have expressed very positive feedback regarding the session and yourself and Genene.  They genuinely got lots from the session….”

Kate Gibson, Manager – Partnerships and Community Development, Eastern Community Legal Centre (ECLC)

Feedback from Clinical Supervision Training (Western Health, Melbourne 2016)

Summary of feedback overall percentages:

For Clinical Supervision session one, 94% rated excellent or good overall.; for Clinical Supervision session two,  96% rated excellent or good overall.

Selection of Individual Feedback:

“Lee’s style and exercises were great”

“Clear concise and relevant”

“Well structured session; informative and interesting. Good mix of activities.”

“Good to have a standardised format for supervision across organisation; making what it is, clear.”

“Very helpful re my own  supervisio – what helps and what doesn’t. Good conversation topics – and signposting of discussion.”​

Feedback from other Workshops and Training Programs

“I just wanted to send you a quick note to say that I attended your Presentation Skills training back in 2013.  I’ve kept your hand book all this time and I now started a new job where I deliver group programs to prisoners in a mental health unit.  I still remember your training and I’m still using your resourses all these years later. Thanks very much and keep spreading your great words of wisdom!”

Tim Giles, Social Worker, Moroka Unit, Mental Health Services (2018)

“Thank  you for so generously sharing your knowledge and insight today.  I really enjoyed the content and your presentation style.  You conveyed quite complex messages in a simple and engaging way.”

Belinda Lowing, Principal, Effective Conversations, 2013

“Thanks so much for today’s session. I loved it!”


“The session I loved the most was on stress management and the brain.  I can use these strategies on myself and also working with people who are stressed – which is most of my clients!”

Course participant, 2014

“All in all, it was amazing and I thoroughly enjoyed the course. Working with the horses provoked a great reflective experience for me. It promoted reflection of how I relate with clients, my son and myself. Working with the horses provided a parallel experiences in all these areas. Trying to foster safety, taking and being comfortable to lead, and being respectful to autonomy was relevant to my working relationships. This was also applicable to parenting. The horses fear, strength, vigilance to their environment reminded me of my son as well as the reliance on you modelling and directing them. Looking at the horses was a mirroring experience, particularly when I felt fear. The information about the right brain was also useful.   And I admire the horses, their simplicity is gold.”

Samantha Bartholomeusz, 2013

“For me, it was truly an exceptional experience.  The most memorable and helpful part of your component of the day was simply your level of presence and compassion- you were wonderful Lee, really supportive and gentle. The map in your booklet of the brain after 20 minutes of activity crosses my mind every morning as I exercise, as does practicing meditation in my exercise/self care routine each week, rather than only doing guided meditation as a means of responding to stress.  Carmen, well, what can we say there. She was amazing, a true leader able, and great, at containing our emotional responses.  So thank you, both of you, for one of the best things I’ve ever done (no joke).”

Hilary Mayne, 2013

“We found the training to be really informative and interactive. It really helped us with establishing an ongoing supportive relationship within our new team of leaders whilst providing them with the confidence to deliver supervision to staff. We haven’t looked back.” 

MARK RAYNER | General Manager , Wombat Housing Services, 2018

Sample of feedback from organisational consultancy and support

“Just  a quick message to provide you with some feedback. Consistently I hear your approach is supportive and empowering ……that staff find you approachable and accessible. From me, I add your conceptual and analytical skills and continuous improvement experience that are invaluable to us at this time.”

Ty Newton, Executive Manager, Kildonan Family Services, 2013

“Your support in preparing our services for accreditation was more than fantastic.  I cannot tell you how much I appreciate your skills, experience, patience and calm. We could not have got through  without you.”

Noelle De Clifford, General Manager, Salvation Army, Crossroads Network

“Genene is generously willing to share her wisdom, and has a lovely energy in assisting others in growth. She expresses a sincerity and openness in dialogue. She has a passion for providing an exceptional customer experience and creating a great learning environment, and is professional, engaging, caring and appropriately challenging in her interactions. Genene’s style is to ensure a genuine and authentic connection is made with every participant, which along with her maturity and demonstrated knowledge, leads to positive learning results in many and varied workplace settings.”

Care Connect Pty Ltd, Executive Assistant to CEO

“Genene is an engaging and passionate trainer who loves sharing knowledge in her area of speciality. Genene covers a variety of Communications and Human Resource Management topics in an informative, interactive and value added way for all business types. Genene has an incredible knowledge of HR practices and is a valuable resource to tap in to. I highly recommend Genene as a trainer and HR consultant. She is inspiring, with high emotional intelligence and she will motivate your team to be the best it can be.”

Renée Klaassen, Development Manager, Griefline Community and Family Services

Facilitating Learning

“Being a relatively new grad in the policy sector, I lacked both the experience and confidence to manage a large project with wide ranging stakeholders.  Lee provided me both with the advice and support for me to take control, and confidently plan and run meetings, manage stakeholders, carry out presentations to senior management of companies, and draft reports.  Lee supported me to learn the absolute fundamentals of project management: strategic planning, time management, and stakeholder management and much more.  Skills I will take with me no matter what role I take next!”

Simone K – Project Worker, Fair Consumer Experience Project, Consumers Utilities Advisory Centre, Melbourne, 2015

“Genene is a highly motivated HR professional who has an amazing ability to empower & train individuals through her exceptional facilitation skills and positive attitude. It was a pleasure to work with her”

Service Industry Advisory Group, HR/IR Advisor

“Genene is an amazing listener and educator. She takes the time to understand the needs / gap in training before offering thorough guidance on the process.”

Finance Manager, Whirlwind Print

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