We know that stress management and mindfulness is creating a health and well-being revolution.  Yet, the how, why and what  needs to be understood  and applied.

At Teamwork Training & Consultancy we approach mindfulness and stress management from the inside out by using brain wise approaches.

We use the findings of neuroscience research to:

  1. Change your brain
  2. Move from survive to thrive
  3. Move from stress to ease
  4. Broaden and build brain wise thoughts
  5. Use more skilled communication when others are stressed
  6. Lead more resourcefully
  7. Build emotional intelligence and resilience.


Research reveals that too much stress has negative consequences on decision making, performance and relationships.  Stress can lead to high blood pressure, poor sleeping patterns, irritability, anxiety and eventually adrenal exhaustion. The negative affects of stress in the workplace are now so well understood that Australian employers are legally responsible for managing stress in the workplace.

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Variations to existing program content may require additional development costs, as negotiated.

“The session I loved the most was on stress management and the brain.  I can use these strategies on myself and also working with people who are stressed – which is most of my clients!”