Teamwork Training & Consultancy has developed and provided Group Facilitation Workshops for over thirty years.

This one day inter-active workshop ensures that people new to the role understand and apply all the necessary fundamentals for groups to go well.  Whether the group is educational, activity based or more personal development,  facilitators will learn to develop aims and objectives and match the activities and structure to these.  You will learn techniques to increase group participation, maintain enthusiasm and manage difficult group situations.


Gain knowledge and develop practical skills in the areas of:

  • Planning and structuring programs.
  • Beginning a group program or session.
  • Establishing content and clarifying ground-rules.
  • Promoting participation and motivation.
  • Choosing and using a variety of resources, activities and structures.
  • Tailoring material for specific groups.
  • Facilitation skills and their application to managing situations such as – domination, conflict, apathy, etc.
  • Managing the balance between group and individual needs.
  • Effective co-facilitation.
  • Stages of group development.


This is an experiential workshop where you will apply theory to practical application activities and discussion.

If you are new or preparing for facilitation you will gain practical tools to get you started. If you have more experience you will gain new resources, skills and refinements.


$3,500 per day. 

Variations to existing program content may require additional development costs, as negotiated.

We deliver in-house sessions – half day, full day or mini sessions.

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